Smart Gloves

Translates sign into speech by detecting gesture of hand by the gloves.

In order to communicate we use different languages. But for verbal and hearing impaired people the require sign language to communicate. Language barrier is very common problem in while communicating. In order to ease this barrier the smart glove is designed to convert sign language gestures to actual speech. The orientation of hand and flexing of fingers are detected using sensors. The 9 axis motion data (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) is used estimate the orientation of the hand, along with one flex sensor on each finger to detect the bendings. The microprocessor used on the gloves then translates the data to the English language and sends it to a custom application on a mobile phone. The app then dictates the received text.

This project was carried out as a part of a AT hackathon held on Thapathali Campus (Institute of Engineering) and was completed in the time frame of 1 week. Due to limited timeframe the signs used were arbitrary, but can be updated to use standard ones.