Precision Livestock Farming

Smart poultry system with automatic maintenance of suitable environment and behavior analysis of chicken using image and sound analysis

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Detection and Tracking of Chickens

Livestock farming is one of the common occupation in Nepal, being as agricultural country. It is an integral part of agricultural production that is source of high valued animal proteins. Poultry farming is the type of livestock farming which is rapidly growing business sector in Nepal.

Our project here focuses on idea of advancing the system of Polutry farming to increase the productivity and profit margin of farmers. Chickens, specially the boilers, have precarious health as they are highly susceptible to slight changes in their environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Proper care are required for them. Mostly during their early stage of life.

Left:Circuit Layout of the Project Right:Screenshot of the Mobile App

Considering this problem, our team designed a prototype of concept of automating the critical task such as maintaing optimal environmental condition. Using different sensors such as temperature, humidity, gas sensors the environmental chnages were monitored and will be maintained using components as heater, humidifier, ventilators etc.

Moreover the behaiour analysis of chicken can provide further information, for which camera based tracking system of chicken was used. The mobility and distribution index of chicken are important factor that denotes the health condition of chickens. Hence detecting such behaviour patten and alerting the farmer beforehand through mobile app in order to carry out certain remedies was implemented.

Sound analysis was also carried out to check the feeding behaviour of the chicken. All the status were logged and was accessible to monitor through a mobile application to the farmers.

The team had participated in the 16th LOCUS exhibition one of most reputed national level competition and presented. The project succeded and was awared with Best Thematic Hardware Project Winner